36Rollers High-Speed Raising Machine

Use Touch Screen to Control Panel

Using touch screen to make the operation convenient and easy-view; the motor of driving, obverse, reverse, cylinder are adopted with inverters control system. By PLC program controller, can store 500 piece of technological parameters. Can calculate the " zero point " of raising automatically with a system for rapid replancement of belt

Main Technical Parameters

  • Working width: 2000mm 2200mm 2500mm
  • Number of raising roller: 36 Ø70mm
  • Working speed: 5-30m/min
  • The rotational speed of cylinder: 60-90rpm
  • Total motor power: 35kw
  • Overall dimensions: (Length x width x height)
    4000x4000x3045mm (working x width x heigt)
    4000x4200x3045mm (working width 2200mm)
    4000x4500x3045mm (working width 2500mm)
    4000x4800x3045mm (working width 2800mm)
    4000x5200x3045mm (working width 3200mm)


  • Big bearing increased load capability, the diameter of tension wheel and bridge wheel increased make belt long life.
  • This machine is equipped with quick-change belt system, multi-functional expanding cloth, with8pcs of spare belt.
  • The belt loosen completely after the machine stopped to clean the cloth, safe and high efficent.

1. Electrical Cabinet, 2. Right Frame, 3. Left Frame, 4. Belt Tension Device