Improved Raising Machine


  • It is used on Knitting Fabric Cotton, P/C and All Man made Natural fabric. It is high Standard quality Machine.
  • Working width: 2000mm 2200mm 2500mm
  • Working Speed: 15-40n/min (Controlled by gears)
  • The rotary speed of main cylinder (The center of raising roller) : Ø695.5mm
  • Number of rollers: 24(Raising roller: 12; Covering rollers: 12)
  • Parameter: The sum of quick changing gears is 90
  • Total motor power: Main electromotor: 11KW, Expanding-motor: 1.5KW, Suction 4#(5.5KW)(Select)
  • The machine weight : About3500kg
  • Overall dimension: length x width x height
    3785 x 2960 x 3030 (2000mm)
    4075 x 2960 x 3030 (2200mm)
    4375 x 2960 x 3030 (2500mm)