Intelligent Computer-Controlled Warping Machine

SGZ420Z intelligent computer-controlled warping machine is our capacity to adapt to the market for crude materials, long-haired self-developed fabric needs new products, mainly for low stretch, high stretch yarn, polyester filament yarn, acrylic yarn raw material warping. The machine can warp the same size beam, in the warp knitting machine for reducing the number of beam so that the warp yarn tension on the same machine, reducing raw material waste, improve production, quality, the style of the product more beautiful.

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Main Features

1, the warper head uses unique and advanced technology: the overall structure of steel and good, stable and reliable;

2, intelligent real-time online monitoring computer copy function automatically compensates for the size and raw material itself bobbin tension difference, to achieve reunification; implementation of constant tension control, the entire group by the same pan head, number of laps, meters long, girth, weight, basic consistent;

3, the intelligent interface operation, intuitive screen, convenient;

4, using the converter DC control techniques to solve the problem of braking distance, braking time, stable performance;

5, simulation beam function, according to data from the original beam to simulate the same set of beam;

6, column-slider-style bracket, the first large-size plate to use, stable and reliable;

7, original new damping tensioner can be compensated up bobbin yarn unwinding tension generated when the balloon changes, the value can absorb maximum tension, yarn running smooth, noise, greatly reduces the breakage rate;

8, using the Siemens industrial controllers, Modbus485 communication control, reduce interference and improve the response speed, stable and reliable;

Technical Parameters:

1, beam size: ф1016 mm X535mm (40 inches) ф762 mm X535mm (30 inches)

2, warp line speed :80-980m / min

3, the total yarn tension: 300N (Best Suitable materials: 100D-450D)

4, Action control: pneumatic gas source: 0.8Mpa

5, the total rated power: 15kw