Leather Cutting Machine


We Know that facts count for our customers.The raw material of laether is rare.And expensive.It is important to treat this scarce raw material carefully.Every hide is valuable.For this reason,processing must not cause damage in any degree.Our customers cannot afford this.It's not for nothing that among our customers' customers are the most distingished fashionlables in the world. Excellent leather quality is essential. That is why you can rely on Heusch. Excellent quality.
At all times.


The finishing touch.When our customers shear their textiles,these textiles have already been through a long production process.Then comes the final.Emotions are breathed into the product: the look and the feel are establishes. This decides wheather the end product will be soft and fluffy,wheater the colours are brilliant. The final touch determines whether the end customer will utter "ohhs" and "aahs" when he sees and feels the material. If not, all has been in ain.Reliable quality for the final touch.