Needle Punching Machine


  • Two sets of machines are mounted on a body to elevate the density of products
  • Main gear box consists of special-material gears for low noise and high speed.
  • Two shafts rotates to reverse direction each other for minimum noise productions and highly precise work

Lay Out


(Working Width) (Stroke) RPM (No of needles)
2,800~4,500mm 30mm 1,200 28,000 EA
Electric Power Inverter 30KW -1set, Inverter 1.5kw - 1set, Inverter 0.75kw-1set motor 30Kw-1set, G/M 1.5kw-1set, G/M 0.75kw-2set, G/M 0.75kw-1Set Oil Pump 0.75kw-2set, Oil Pump 0.2kw-2Set (2800/Standart Specifications for 2800)
Main Products For geotextile, embedding materials for automobiles, clothers, carpets, padding, synthetic leather.