Plush Double Needle Bed Raschel Machine

The machine is mainly used for weaving blankets, plush toys, apparel fabrics, home textiles and more popular on the market today flannel and other fabrics.

Main technical parameters:

1. Needle type : latch needle block、embedded latch needle

2. Gauge: E16、E18、E22

3. Number of Guide bars: 5 (one is pile guide bar)

4. Working width: 90 ", 100", 110 ", 138"

5. Distance between knocking-over bar: 10mm ~ 50mm

6. Drive type: gear type drive、timing belt drive

7. Pattern drive: Chain link、Pattern disk

8. Batching device:independent batching device, diameter Φ1270

9. Cam mechanism: oil-immersed cam

10. Warp of let-off: chain for let- off、timing belt for let- off、electronic let-off

Part of technical improvements:

This machine on the market in velvet double needle bed warp knitting machine has been upgraded and optimized, so that the machine's speed has been significantly improved, more stable operation, fabric cloth better, specific improvements are as follows:

1. Change the previous gear type drive into timing belt drive,making the weaving more stable and reliable and avoiding the deviation of working of front and back needle bed due to the attrition of gears after running for a long time. And after improvement, it is much easier to do the maintenance for the drive.

2. Institutions will become a driving unit circle curve re-optimized to fit into the ring component at a time on a more scientific and reasonable, so as to improve the effect of fabric cloth.

3. The machine in the high weight fabric weaving, fabric cloth effect has been improved, fabric production has also been improved.